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10 Jul

Anyone who has been paying attention to the weather reports of late will know that the beaches at my home city of the Gold Coast have been pounded by unseasonable and enormous waves. I have lived here a long time and struggle to recall the surf being any bigger, or seeing so many ‘beach closed’ signs.

Of course, that doesn’t stop many surfers from getting out there, quickly adapting to the huge conditions and indulging in their passion. In fact, there is a bit of a lesson there for us.

10 Jul

The Federal Circuit Court (FCC) case management pilot will cease from 15 July 2019 in the Brisbane registry. The pilot program limited case management to a discrete number of judges to improve efficiencies and resolve cases in a timely way.

10 Jul

Practitioners are invited to provide feedback as QLS policy committees prepare submissions for reviews of: (1) Object 2 of the ACNC Act and (2) the Cultural Heritage Acts.

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