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17 Sep

“What do we want?”

The right to March!

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17 Sep

The 2008 case of LSC v Turley [2008] LPT 4, concerned two charges for professional misconduct against a solicitor in the course of child protection proceedings in Queensland. One charge related to submissions he made to the court, which contained scandalous and offensive remarks about the departmental employees.

10 Sep

Lèse-majesté. Not a term you hear much in Australia, and no doubt few people here are familiar with it. It is a French phrase meaning ‘to do wrong to majesty’, and it generally refers to the crime of offending a country’s leaders—and such crimes are, thankfully, off most statute books these days. You might have a bit of trouble convincing Bernard Joseph Edward Collaery of that though. Officially, the Australian Barrister is facing prosecution for conspiring to communicate secret information to the Government of Timor-Leste; unofficially, it looks a heck of a lot like he is being prosecuted for embarrassing the government.

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